Culture – Literature – Politics

German Periodicals of the 19th/20th Century
formerly Marbach Microfiche Editions
ISSN 1435-8662

The Series Concept German journals of the 19th and early 20th Century appear under the title «Culture –
Literature – Politics» (Kultur – Literatur – Politik). They display the multiple facets of the spirit of the age, which is still firmly nationalist, but which at the same time turns its gaze more and more towards a Europe, which despite the confusions of war and nationalist politics is trying to secure its cultural identity. The self-image of these periodicals ranges from literary publication over cultural magazines to journals with a social philosophical or political agenda. The original journals presented in this series are filmed from the holdings of various highly reputed German libraries. Through recourse to other issues they are collated and completed. Thereby the microfiche editions count in many cases as the only complete runs of the respective journals, which exist today. The first six titles of the series appeared under the title «Marbach Microfiche Editions» and the originals came exclusively from the holdings of the Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach. The series is now being continued with an expanded concept and a new title.